Our Animals

Remember – all animals require a great deal of commitment. Please think carefully about your lifestyle and long term plans before you consider adding any kind of animal to your household. Will you have enough time to cater for its individual needs? Can you provide appropriate care for the animal when you are planning your holidays? Can you afford the cost of routine veterinary care and the occasional emergency? These are just a few of the things we advise you to consider before going ahead with any adoption and an example of the kinds of questions we will ask when you decide to choose a pet from our Centre. Click here to read some more information about rehoming and adoption.

Once you have chosen a suitable animal, we will then arrange for one of our experienced volunteers to visit you at home to check that you have the necessary facilities in place to care for the animal safely and appropriately and to give you the opportunity to ask any other questions you may have thought of since reserving your potential new pet.

There is an adoption fee for all our animals so please ask a member of staff to advise you of the cost of the animal you are interested in during your visit. Our adoption charges include the cost of neutering, vaccinating, and microchipping your animal in addition to routine treatments such as worming, and parasite prevention.

Our Animal Personality Index

Good with dogsGood with catsGood with small animals
Not good with catsNot good with dogsNot good with small animals
Good with babiesGood with children over 5yrsGood with children over 8yrsGood with teenagers
Good with adults onlyCan be left for short periodsCan be left all dayI need someone at home
House catOutdoors catI'm house trainedIdeal for first time owners
I need little exerciseI need lots of exerciseI need regular exerciseExperienced owners only
Barney and Freddie


Alexa is a stunning torti who came into us through an inspector. She came in with her kittens, who have now been weaned off and waiting to fine their homes too. Alexa was a fantastic mum and now is her time to shine and find a loving home to call her own. Alexa is very vocal and likes to talk, she is quite high energy and is full of beans. She loves to play so potential adopters must be willing to spend time playing with her. She will let you know when she's had enough fuss and can be quite unsure of new situations. Alexa could live with children aged 10+. She can't live with other animals. Alexa is litter trained and will need indoor and outdoor access. 

Can be left all dayGood with teenagersI'm house trainedNot good with catsNot good with dogsOutdoors cat