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News & Events Archive - 2013

  • October
  • Not so scary for us

    Oct 29th 2013

    As Halloween approaches the RSPCA Coventry and Nuneaton Animal Centre is appealing for help in finding homes for some of its more unusual residents.   The thought of small rod... Read More

  • My Last Rolo

    Oct 11th 2013

    ‘Handsome Rolo in desperate plea for new home after spending 3 months in kennels’   The RSPCA Coventry & Nuneaton Animal Centre is appealing for help in findin... Read More

  • July
  • Coventry Fun Run Success

    Jul 12th 2013

    Back in June a 30 strong team of staff, volunteers, family and friends took part in the Coventry fun run 2013! We are pleased to report all the runners (walkers) made it over the lin... Read More

  • Over run with Rodents

    Jul 4th 2013

    ‘Animal Centre in Desperate plea to find Homes for some of its smaller residents’ Over recent weeks the RSPCA Animal Centre in Coventry has been inundated with new arriv... Read More

  • May
  • Last chance animal action event

    May 23rd 2013

    Willenhall Animal Action Event  The RSPCA Coventry, Nuneaton & District Branch are back out in force in Coventry for the last animal action day of the year at the Haggard C... Read More

  • fvsdag

    May 23rd 2013

    SOCIETY PROJECTS GOODWILL TOWARDS RSPCA RSPCA Coventry, Nuneaton and District are one step closer to getting a new educational programme off the ground thanks to support from their ... Read More

  • Are you the one for Tilly?

    May 14th 2013

    ‘Beautiful Akita looking for love’ The RSPCA Coventry & Nuneaton Animal Centre are appealing for help in finding a loving new home for a very special resident Tilly ... Read More

  • April
  • Safe Haven

    Apr 30th 2013

    We are relaunching our Safe Haven scheme. It costs us £800 a day to run the centre and we do not receive any government funding or regular income from the national society... Read More

  • Do the right thing for your pets

    Apr 1st 2013

    ‘Animal Action Days are back for 2013’   The RSPCA Coventry, Nuneaton and District Branch along with Cats Protection, Cat Action Trust and Coventry Cat Group are b... Read More

  • February
  • The Lonely Heart's Club

    Feb 12th 2013

    Six of Coventry’s loneliest hearts are appealing for love this Valentines after being in Kennels since the autumn of 2012. The four legged gang have been residing at the RSPCA... Read More

  • January
  • Fab Feb Discounted Dog Neutering at Our onsite Easipetcare Clinic

    Jan 27th 2013

    Dog Castration £40 and Dog Spey £70 Any Breed Any Size for February Only at our onsite neutering and vaccination clinc run by Easipetcare Dont miss out on these fantas... Read More

  • RSPCA Centre warns of 2013 Cat Crisis

    Jan 16th 2013

    The RSPCA Coventry, Nuneaton and District Branch are issuing a stark warning that rising numbers of felines could push the rescue centre to the brink in 2013.   The warning co... Read More