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Calling all runners and joggers!

Are you a keen runner or jogger?

Are you planning on taking part in the Coventry half marathon next year?

Would you like to help the animals within Coventry, Nuneaton and the local area?

Then why not run in aid of your local animal rehoming centre?

We are a self-funded branch of the RSPCA, meaning that we receive no funding from the government, nor the head branch of the RSPCA. Therefore, we have to raise the money ourselves to keep the animal rehoming centre running.

We would be able to provide you with sponsor forms and support throughout the process and we can also provide a t-shirt for you to run in on the day!

If you would be willing to run/jog on our behalf, then we would be very grateful. Also, the cats and dogs within the rehoming centre would be very grateful too! They will love the opportunity to say thank you themselves, so we will take you around the centre to meet all of the animals that you will be helping.

If you would like to run on our behalf, then please email

We all thank you so very much indeed.