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Cat Litter Appeal

Although we are now reaching the end of the year, we are still continuing our 2014 appeal for wood based cat litter. We still have to keep our costs as low as possible, and cat litter does cost us a great deal. As you can imagine with all the cats that come into our care we get through a massive amount each year.  So we would appreciate it if our supporters want to donate something this year please, please make it wood based cat litter. Over the last few weeks we have had many wonderful donations from the public and from companies the area. We have had a great deal of food and treats. Also toys which will always be needed to keep our animals amused and happy while they are with us. We know that cat litter is not a glamour's thing to buy, but it is what we need and will be very grateful  for any that is donated.

Wood based cat litter is our continuing appeal for 2014.