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Cats Crisis

The RSPCA Coventry, Nuneaton and District branch is appealing to all cat owners to be responsible pet owners after the numbers of cats and kittens needing help increases dramatically for third year running.

In 2011 the centre reported facing the same challenge after taking in almost 700 cats during the year. Already this year the centre has taken in 371 of which over a 150 were kittens the consequence of unwanted pregnancies.

The centre is urgently appealing for new owners to come forward and adopt a pet cat, and for existing owners to do the right thing and get there animal neutered.

Glenn Mayoll Animal Centre Manager says ‘We really need to see Cat owners taking the responsible step of getting there animal neutered. Thousands of Cats and Kittens are flooding rescues in Coventry and Nuneaton each year. Owners really need to take responsibility for their cats and get them neutered, not only does it stop more unwanted animal being born there are countless health benefits too.’

The Coventry branch of the RSPCA is also appealing for donations, food and litter to help care for the many cats they are currently helping.

Cattery Supervisor Caroline Hailstone says ‘At some points this year we have had well over a 100 cats and kittens in our care and in our foster homes. Yet we are still unable to get on top of the huge numbers of cats waiting to come into our care. We currently have over 100 cats on our waiting list needing our help and urgent cases coming in everyday from Vets and local inspectors. We really need help from everyone to get us through this looming crisis.'

In order to help combat the problem Easipetcare have joined up with the RSPCA branch to offer super low cost neutering for Cats from there clinic at the Animal Centre for the whole of August. Cat owners can have their cats neutered for just £10 for males and £20 for females. To book your cat in for neutering please call 02476 338069 there really is no excuse not to.

Dawn Warrington Head of Practice for the Easipetcare clinic says ‘We are really pleased that we are able to help the animal centre out by trying to combat the problems they are seeing at source. Our focus is on animal welfare and offering low cost treatment without losing any of the care. Neutering for female cats can cost up to £60 at £20 this really is an offer that should not be missed.’