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Fab Feb Discounted Dog Neutering at Our onsite Easipetcare Clinic

EPC Feb Offer

Dog Castration £40 and Dog Spey £70 Any Breed Any Size for February Only at our onsite neutering and vaccination clinc run by Easipetcare

Dont miss out on these fantastic prices and take advantage of this great offer to do the 'right thing' and get your pet dog neutered.

We along with many other charities are over run with unwanted dogs waiting to come into our care as a result of indiscriminate breeding and we beleive together with easipetcare that if affordable neutering is available owners would far sooner get there pet neutered.

The health benefits for dogs and bitches are massive and reduce the risk of many cancers and completely removes the risk of Pyo's in dogs (a potentially life threatening illness) !

Dont hesitate call and book your dog in today 02476 338069 or click here for more details