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Fun Dog Show 3rd July 2016

By now, you should have hopefully heard about our fun dog show, happening this Sunday 3rd July 2016. There will be fun for all of the family, as well as the dog show itself, which has the following categories:

  1. The coolest pup (up to 9 months)
  2. Most gorgeous golden oldie (8 years and older)
  3. The cutest cross breed
  4. The best big 'un
  5. The best little 'un
  6. Most radiant rescue
  7. The best musical sit (childrens' class)
  8. The most fantastic fella
  9. The loveliest lady
  10. Best 6 legs (you and your dog)
  11. Most appealing pooch
  12. The best biscuit catcher (childrens' class)
  13. Best in show

As you can see, it's nothing too serious and the aim of the day is to have fun and to celebrate your wonderful canine companions.

We really do hope to see you there!