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Jenny Smith completed the Coventry Half Marathon

Jenny says:

It was a great event from start to finish - if a little painful in-between! The support shown around the route was brilliant and definitely helped me get to the finish line - everyone clapping and cheering really helps spur you on especially when the proper pain sets in at about mile 11! I tried to high five everyone wanting to be high fived and definitely took a few sweets for extra energy that were being offered by lovely folk along the way. Of course the biggest motivation to finish was the money that had been donated by everyone and I am so grateful to all my friends and family, work colleagues and the kind strangers who sponsored me. I finished in 2 hours 8 and a bit minutes and even though I said never again as I crossed the line I am now actually tempted to do it all over again.. ;o)

A huge thank you to Jenny for undertaking the event to raise funds for the animals in our care at the centre. We would also like to thank everyone who sponsored Jenny and helped to support her!

The following picture shows Jenny (in the RSPCA t-shirt) with her sister, niece and nephew.