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Left All Alone

‘Smokey abandoned on Boxing Day by his owners’

Smokey the cat became another victim of the annual post-Christmas throw out after being found abandoned on the animal centres driveway on Tuesday morning. CCTV footage showed Smokey’s owners had dumped him on the driveway at 11.15pm on Boxing Day knowing that the centre staff would not return until the following morning.

Glenn Mayoll Centre Manager says ‘Smokey is really lucky the weather has been so mild recently, dumping an animal is bad enough but doing it so he wouldn’t be discovered till the morning is just callous. Anything could have happened to him.’

The centre staff are hoping that Smokey was not the victim of being replaced by a newer model received as a Christmas gift. Despite repeated messages not to buy animals for gifts especially Christmas the centre was still inundated with calls from people before Christmas looking to buy a pet as a present.

The RSPCA Centre based on the wedge is already packed to the rafters with animals and is desperately hoping this case is not the start of things to come.

The Centre urgently needs adopters to come forward the Animal Centre is open from 11am – 4pm every day except Tuesday and will be closing at 1pm on New Year’s Eve and closing all day on New Year’s Day.