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New Dog Runs

June 3rd we held the official opening of our two wonderful new dog runs.The work had begun back in July 2013 when teams of volunteers from Walkers Crisps and Barclay’s Bank began the long task of clearing the site. Later Jaguar Landrover’s  Finance Department sent a team of 12 volunteers. They helped with the clearance of the runs, painted fences, cleared more land to create a few more much needed parking spaces and many more small jobs. All this work would have taken our staff many months to complete. When the site was ready Pets at Home came to our aid with a wonderful grant that more than covered the cost of all the fencing we needed to make the runs into a place of safety that our dogs would be able to safely spend many happy hours in. The last step was to decide what to cover the ground with. In the end the choice was made easy for us when many Tree Surgeons from the area started dropping by with free bark chips. We soon had enough to completely cover the whole area. No words can express how touched we are by everything that’s been done, from workers giving time freely, to PAH for their grant and to The Tree Surgeons donation of bark. Without them this would not have happened. We also had to say a big thank you to many people who regularly volunteer at the centre for all the long hours they spent spreading the bark chippings. On the afternoon of June 3rd we invited them all back to see the finished project in all it’s glory. We held a small garden party and invited them to join us. Both trustee’s and staff  wanted them to see just how much we appreciated all their efforts in making a dream for us come true. We also thought it would be very gratifying for them to see what their hard work and kindness has meant for the dogs in our care. An immeasurable thank you, to you all.