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New fence from Barclays


During the Summer a group from Barclays returned to help. They came on Saturday August 10th , giving up their own time, some bought their partners along. As well as providing their labour, they donated the £500 worth of materials that were required.  The project was to erect a bamboo type fence with gates at either end to form a much needed enclosure at the rear of A block. To reach the new dog runs you have to pass this area. The block is used for the newcomers who are often very nervous when they first arrive at the centre. The staff did not like disturbing them, so the bamboo fence was the perfect answer. The result is very pleasing, as well as practical and it does not shut out either the light or sounds.

We are so grateful to them all for what they have done, the fence will certainly help the animals till they are ready for rehoming. Some of the group have also expressed their wishes to become volunteers.