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Not so scary for us

As Halloween approaches the RSPCA Coventry and Nuneaton Animal Centre is appealing for help in finding homes for some of its more unusual residents.


The thought of small rodents and their tails like Rats and Gerbils can strike fear and nerves into some people. Not for the staff at the animal centre though, who are currently caring for nearly 40 of these lovely little furries or not so furry in some cases.


The centre is currently home to three very special residents Scabbers, Spider and Splinter who are hairless rats.


Glenn Mayoll Animal Centre Manager says ‘Often people can find these little furries and baldies a bit scary; however they make wonderful pets in the right home. We have found new loving homes for over 200 small animals this year but we a desperate to find homes for these rats and gerbils’.


The 27 Gerbils have been at the centre since early summer and all live in groups they would like to be rehomed in. Gerbils are curious pets that are active during the day and make great family pets. The RSPCA Centre is urging anyone thinking of taking on a new small animal to contact the centre first’. 


Glenn continues ‘So many people still don’t realise we care for many hundreds of small animals each year, we really would like to urge anyone thinking about having a gerbil, rat or any small animal as a pet to come and see us first’


The animal centre is open from 11am – 4pm every day except Tuesday and will be all decorated up for Halloween. We would love to see lots of families come along and find out more about our small animals we have available for adoption. Please visit the centre on coundon wedge drive, Coventry or visit the website or call 024 76 336616.