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Over run with Rodents

‘Animal Centre in Desperate plea to find Homes for some of its smaller residents’

Over recent weeks the RSPCA Animal Centre in Coventry has been inundated with new arrivals in the form of pet Gerbils and Rats. In May the centre took in 46 Gerbils who had been rescued by an RSPCA inspector after they had been found living amongst just three tiny cages, only weeks later another case of 42 domestic rats needed the centres help after they too were found living in appalling conditions.

Glenn Mayoll Centre Manager says ‘It’s typical for us to see large groups of rodents needing our help like this; it is all too often the result of incorrect sexing when the pets are sold. Rodents are known for their ability to breed and can quickly become unmanageable in numbers. Although we are used to seeing big groups they are not normally this close together. The sheer number of small animals we are caring for at the moment is really taking us to the brink of our capacity’

The centre has found homes for some the rodents but still has some 65 small animals looking for new homes.

Sam Hall small animal carer says ‘We have a real mix of small animals at the moment including Hamsters, Mice and obviously lots of Gerbils and Rats. The Gerbils and Rats are living in various group sizes and range from baby’s right up to adults. We are appealing for all the wonderful Rat and Gerbil lovers out there to come along and think about taking on one of these beauties’.

‘If you are thinking about taking on a pet Gerbil or Rat for the first time, please come and chat to the team at the centre who will be able to advise you on what is best for you and your family’.

If you are interested in rehoming any of the centres small animals then please pop along to the centre which is located on Coundon Wedge Drive, Coventry, CV5 9DQ and is open from 11am till 4pm every day except Tuesday. You can also call the centre on 024 76 336616 or visit their website