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Please help us to mend Molly's broken heart!



This is where Molly’s story begins…..

Molly is a beautiful young Terrier, in May this year she got brought to us by an Inspector as she had been removed from her previous owner. It was very evident that she had a chronic and severe skin issue, her skin had was very red and sore and had multiple patches of hair loss. Her skin was very uncomfortable and she was constantly extremely itchy. She required immediate treatment to make her more comfortable and to begin the long road to recovery.

We had to begin with a few different daily medications to treat the inflammation and relieve the itchiness. She was prescribed baths with a special shampoo that she had to have several times a week and this has been ongoing. Molly will have to stay on some medication for the rest of her life but this now controls her skin which is caused due to allergies.

Molly’s story has recently been featured on channel 5’s ‘The Dog Rescuers’….so she is also very famous!

We were all so happy when Molly was signed over to us recently and now this is where the next chapter of her story begins….

With Molly’s skin now under control and all the several patches of hair loss regrown and feeling like a new dog and looking beautiful she was ready for us to help her find her forever home. All that needed doing was for her to be neutered and she also required a dental so Molly was booked in for the procedures. On the day she was having them we had a phone call….Molly’s heart rate had plummeted dangerously slow and the vets were extremely worried about her, so much so they had to stop one of the procedures. The vets had to administer different drugs to be able to finish her neutering safely but were not willing to risk carrying out the dental.

Molly was kept in overnight at the vets so she could be monitored closely but thankfully came back to the Centre the following day…. we were all so relieved to see her!

But unfortunately for Molly her story still doesn’t stop there…..

The vets believe Molly has a heart block. This is a partial or complete interruption of impulse transmission from the atria to the ventricles of the heart. So the electrical impulses are not getting through. This does not mean that the blood is not flowing to the heart; it is the electrical impulses that are not getting through.

To diagnose this Molly has to be seen by a heart specialist but this comes at a cost of in the region of £1000. But depending on the diagnoses there are different degrees of heart block and if she is diagnosed with the higher degree it may mean Molly has to have a pacemaker fitted which could then cost in the region of £5000-£6000.


As an independent branch of the RSPCA we are self-funded, we receive no funding from the national RSPCA or the Government. Our running costs daily are £1000 per day and we have vet bills of £2000 per month. We have recently has to close our small animal shed due to not having the funds to run it anymore so unfortunately we can no longer help the small furries of the local area that need rehoming.

We are in a very difficult financial position currently but we are so very passionate and we are doing all we can to help as many animals as possible including Molly. She has been on such a journey and we would love her to have the happy ending to her story that she deserves.

Please help us raise the funds for Molly to make it possible that we can help mend her broken heart!

Donations can be given via our VirginMoneyGiving page:

Thank you very much!