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Return visit from JLR

Early this year a team from Jaguar Landrover spent a day at the centre. They helped with the clearing of the new dog runs, cleared a piece of ground for extra parking and painted fences. On 23rd September, a different team of workers from JLR helped out with even more essential jobs that needed doing. They worked a long day, and completed a long list of tasks. One thing that was in desperate need of repair was the rotten wood around the lower part of smallies building where rain was getting in. Once done they painted it to match the other paint.They then moved on to painting the outside of the reception building, a perfect match of paint was again found.

They had ordered sacks of hardcore beforehand so that the work on the car park started on the previous visit could be completed. They moved and refitted a fence to allow for easier parking, and cut back all the overgrown hedge around the car park. Now the hardcore has been laid we have 4 much needed extra spaces. They painted the railings around the cattery, as well as creosoting many fences around the centre. The JLR team were engineers from the prototype design department. They all thoroughly enjoyed their visit, and we certainly enjoyed having them spend the day with us.

Our thanks go to them all.