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**special appeal**
Unfortunately we had to rush one of our pregnant mums to the vet on Saturday. We came in to find she had given birth to one kitten which she had rejected, so he had to be bottle fed. She still looked worryingly uncomfortable so we took her to the vet Incase she had any more kittens still to come. The vets did a scan and found one more kitten, so decided the best option was to do an emergency C-section to remove her last kitten and spayed her at the same time. The vets did a fantastic job! She rejected both kittens but kindly one of the vet nurses offered to take home the kittens to hand rear. Mum and kittens are doing well. Even though all was a success, this knocked us back £750. We are a struggling centre but obviously did what we had to do. If anyone could donate any money at all towards the bill of the C-section then we would be extremely grateful. If you are going to donate, please make sure it comes directly to the Coventry & Nuneaton branch as we are completely independent from other branches. Kitten season is upon us, so we are sure that this is just the start!

Many thanks in advance.

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