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Staffie Overload

Two independent local animal charities are calling for time out on people breeding staffies across Coventry, Nuneaton and Rugby. The RSPCA Coventry, Nuneaton and District Branch which runs the RSPCA Centre based in Coventry and Pawprints a new charity based at Dunsmore Kennels & Cattery on the A45. Pawprints are dedicated to rescuing pound dogs from local authority kennels when they go unclaimed are appealing to members of the public to think twice before breeding Staffies.

Glenn Mayoll Animal Centre Manager says ‘During 2011 over 40% of all the dogs we saw were Staffie or Staffie X a trend that appears to be continuing throughout 2012. We have raised several litters of puppies coming from mums who have been abandoned or dumped this year, 90% of them have been Staffies. People need to realize this area along with most of the country is completely overloaded with Staffies’.

Volunteers at Rugby paw prints face the same challenge with at least 80% of all the unclaimed strays they deal with being Staffie types.

Anita Twigger trustee for Rugby Paw prints says ‘No matter what we say or do more people are pumping out more puppies into an area where we are completely overpopulated with this breed. We desperately need to more people to come forward and offer these types of dog’s homes from rescue’.

Anita continues ‘so many of the stray dogs we see are not micro chipped and their details are also not kept up to date, an up to date microchip is one of the best ways to ensure your pet is returned to you.’

Staffies have unfairly received a negative press over recent years but they make loving, adorable and loyal family pets in the right homes. In fact Staffies used to be known as Nanny Dogs, loving nothing more than loving people and being loved.

Both charities are appealing for new owners to come forward and consider adopting a staffie and for those people who own staffies to do the right thing and get there staffie neutered. Rugby paw prints are also appealing for dog fosterers who may be able to help by offering a temporary home

Easipetcare who run a low cost Neutering and Vaccination Clinic at the RSPCA Centre have joined forces with both charities to offer a super low cost neutering offer. For the whole of October, Staffies and Staffie crosses can take advantage of neutering for just £35 for a male and £70 for Female. Call Easipetcare today to get your Staffie booked in on 024 76 338069.

Glenn Mayoll continues ‘We believe many people are put off neutering due to expense and myths, at these prices people can really afford to get there staffie neutered and end the risk of unwanted puppies. There are also many myths out there that females should have a litter of puppies and neutering will dramatically change an animal’s behavior, none of which are proven. In fact neutering has endless health benefits from reducing the risk of uterine and mammary cancers in female dogs to removing the risk of testicular cancer for male dogs.'

Dogs like Steph urgently need new homes; Steph has been with the RSPCA since January after being seized by the RSPCA after she had been left to suffer with a horrendous prolapse and never taken to a vet. Her owners were successfully prosecuted by the RSPCA and she was awarded to the centre for rehoming. She is desperate for a new and loving home she can call her own.

Anyone interested in adopting a staffie or any type of dog can contact rugby paw prints on 07415 030166 or visit the website or visit the RSPCA centre on Coundon wedge drive anytime between 11am -4pm every day except Tuesday,