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The new signage on our new van

We told you a little while back that we have been very lucky to have been awarded a £10,000 grant from Support Adoption For Pets, to enable us to buy a new van, as our older van was becoming very worn out and was requiring more and more repairs. As you can imagine, repairs can be quite costly, so we were ecstatic when we learned that we had been awarded this very generous grant. 

We then searched for a vehicle, which took us to Arbury Garage, where they, very kindly, almost matched the grant, so that we could afford to purchase this wonderful vehicle!

L-R: Ross and Nathan

As you can see, the staff are really very happy to have a new van, as they can rely on it to work every time they need to use it. This includes running animals to the veterinary surgery for operations and treatments. So in an emergency, it is beneficial to have such a reliable vehicle.

So, in return for such kindness, we now have signage on our new van to show that we are thankful for the support from Arbury Garage and Support Adoption For Pets.