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Help for Lola

Help for our beauty Lola... who is going to need total ear canal ablation.

Lola was bought into us via Pawprints after they saved her from being PTS due to a stray hold. Upon health check it was clear Lola was in very poor condition, and one which was very obvious were her ears. Her ears had been neglected over time and failure to treat them previously caused the ear canals to narrow, become lumpy, sore, and inflamed. The vet advised trying lots of different medications whichsadly did not work. The only option to make Lola comfortable again is by removing her ear canals. This will cost a whopping £2,000!!! She is an amazing girl, who is so happy despite what is happening, she will always greet you with a waggy tail. Please share this page far and wide so we can raise the money to have the surgery on her ears. We are a separately funded branch so struggle financially but would love everyone to come together for Lola

If you would like to help her, attached is a link below. If anyone is visiting and would like to donate towards her, please let us know in reception so we can separate it.

Thank you so much in advance