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If you are looking for a pet at our Animal Centre located on Coundon Wedge Drive (between the areas of Allesley and Brownshill Green). 


We are open to the public between 11am – 4pm every day except Tuesdays and we know all our animals would love to meet you!

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Animal Centre

The Animal Centre has been at the current site at Brownshill Green Farm; Coundon Wedge Drive since the 1980s and over the years has seen several phases of development. The centre sits on a small site bordered by the fields of Coundon Wedge, however just a stone’s throw away from the old Coventry Jaguar plant which is now under development.

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The team of experienced and well trained staff & volunteers provide the care and rehabilitation for the hundreds of animals the centre cares for each year. The centre punches above its weight in terms of its size and capacity rehoming around 1000 animals each year, routinely ranking in the top ten of all RSPCA centres despite being one of the smallest.


In 2012 the centre joined forces with Easipetcare who offered the first onsite veterinary clinic for neutering and vaccinations at any RSPCA centre which was open to everyone and anyone to use. Unfortunately, this clinic has had to close temporarily. 


The animal centre can be home to over a hundred animals at any one time and is permanently full to capacity. We desperately need more financial support to meet the nearly £40,000 per month costs, if you can help maybe you could donate just a few pounds per month through our safe haven scheme.


The centre operates three main units RabbitsSmall Animals & Birds, Dogs & Cats but can be a temporary home to many creatures when supporting the local inspectors or police force.


Small Animals & Birds

Our small furries & feathers shed can be full of a variety of different species looking for new homes, commonly rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, rats amongst many other things. Our small animal shed is often home to at least 10 Rabbits and up to 50 other small animals and birds at any one time. Our small animals desperately need expanding and rebuilding however we need the funds to do it, if you want to help donate now.


In 2009 the centre's long awaited dream was realised as the kennels completed their transformation during a partial rebuild. The dogs now get to live up life in a little bit of luxury in new kennels, insulated and well heated. These new kennels have made life so much better for the 350 plus dogs we care for every year. The centre has 30 kennels which holds up 45 dogs at any one time, as soon as space is made another dog is waiting to come in.


The Mocattery was built in early 2000s after long serving committee member and trustee Mrs Mocatta left a substantial gift in her will to the animals she always cared for. This enabled the branch to build the current cattery with 30 cattery pods all attached to outside runs The cattery can hold up to 60 adult cats. Often during the kitten season these numbers can reach in excess of 100 as the centre continues to battle with the over population of these beautiful felines. Each year the centre rehomes around 600 cats from the cattery but unfortunately it’s never enough as hundreds of cats are waiting to come into the centre.

The animal centre is open everyday except Tuesdays so please pop along for a look round

RSPCA Coventry, Nuneaton and District Animal Centre
Brownshill Green Farm
Coundon Wedge Drive

024 76 336616