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Lead training


It is important that in your lead training you are making the session as fun, pleasant and positive as possible. Ensure that at any point your dog is walking nicely on a loose lead, you are praising them verbally. If at any point your dog starts pulling, stop praising and keep quiet until your dog begins to walk nicely again.

  • Treats are a good way to keep the dog focused on you during the walk, keeping one in your hand and letting your arm hang down so that the dogs muzzle is pressing against your hand while walking will help keep them in the correct position so that you can give the heal command before verbal praise and reward with the treat before replacing the treat and repeating the process.
  • For continuous pulling; Stop and stand still, wait until the dog stops and returns to you then reward when the dog is at your side, this way the dog will learn that being beside you is a good place to be.   
  • Take one step – your dog may well rush off – stand still and again wait for them to come back and stand beside you. This may take several minutes, be patient. When they do, Reward.
  • Take one step – this time your dog should come back to your side a bit quicker and reward.  When you can take one step without the dog rushing off, you can try two steps. Do not be surprised if they dash off again, stand still and wait for them to come back. Always reward by your side.
  • Two steps, wait, dog returns, reward. When they can walk two steps without dashing off increase it to three, if they can cope with three steps, increase to four and so on. If they do pull again then just repeat this process.
  • Also try practicing change of direction when the dog pulls so the dog has to follow you rather than pulling forwards. Repeat this every time the dog pulls.
  • Try playing tag with the dog, have the dog on the lead, change direction, walk/trot backwards call the dog back to you being very animated, reward with treats, toy or just yourself by giving them plenty of both verbal and physical praise so that when they are with you you’re almost getting in to a game, this should hopefully teach the dog that being with you is a good thing and teaching them to keep their attention focused on you.
  • If the dog you have with you is not food orientated try using a toy as an alternative to lure them back to you.
  • Obviously when using food sometimes a high value treat is needed with those that aren’t food orientated.